Top 4 Types of Voltage Stabilizer in Bangladesh for Home and Office

In this 21st century, we are not facing problems with electricity or load-shedding, but in some areas, there are severe voltage fluctuation issues. Especially in rural areas, where they have got electricity but the voltage supply is not stable. In that case, the electronics devices get damaged and that costs them money. In this kind of situation, the best solution is to use a voltage stabilizer. In this blog, we will show you the 4 best voltage stabilizers in Bangladesh.

Best 4 Voltage Stabilizers Price in Bangladesh:

SBW Automatic Voltage Stabilizers:

The DBW, SBW series full-automatic compensation type power voltage regulator is designed to stabilize voltage fluctuations caused by power net fluctuation or changing loads to maintain output voltage stability automatically.

This product has the following advantages: big capacity, high efficacy, smooth voltage control, no waveform distortion, wide application, extended operating time, manual operation available, and ease of use.

Air natural cooled Automatic voltage stabilizer in Bangladesh:

These stabilizers are tough and have been tested for over 30 years. Natural and forced air cooled stabilizers with capacities ranging from 650VA to 2000KVA are available.

The air natural cooled voltage stabilizer is ideal for CNC machines, CMM, textile and spinning mills, cold storage units, food processing equipment, CT Scan, MRI machines, retail outlets, restaurants, and office applications.

SCR Static Automatic Voltage Stabilizer in Bangladesh:

Voltage stabilizers of this sort use SCRs (Silicon Controlled Rectifiers) rather than variable transformers to adjust the voltage on the primary winding and give a highly steady output voltage.

They are compatible with all load types and provide independent phase control, as well as ultra-fast reaction times for correcting under / over voltages, sags, and surges, making them perfect for extremely sensitive / mission critical loads and applications.

Intended for indoor usage exclusively in dry environments, but may be used in wet or damp locations if enclosed in a weather proof enclosure.

Oil Immerge Automatic Voltage Stabilizer in Bangladesh:

Brushless/Stepless Oil-immersed Induction Voltage Stabilizer is made up of a voltage regulator and a transformer SSTS (which includes an oil tank, a stator, a rotor top cover, a drive control motor M, a hand wheel, a control circuit board, and secondary circuit components for voltage regulation control).

Within the rotation range of 1800, it accomplishes rotational voltage regulation via electric motor drive or manual wheel and gear linkage. It also has an electric SS limit and a mechanical limit on the upper end of the oil tank. The power supply of the motor is turned off by a limit switch for an electric SS limit, and the rotational limit is halted by a bolt protector for a mechanical limit.

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