In spite of the best efforts put in by all the State Electricity Board, There is a Perpetual Problem of Voltage Fluctuations in the electricity supply. To overcome problematic scenario there is only and only one alternate “Install Automatic Servo Voltage Controller” with the installation of Automatic Servo Voltage Controller you shall have the following advantages:

  • Reduction in MDI
  • Improvement in Power Factor
  • Energy Saving Up to 10% Possible
  • Reduction in Breakdown of Electrical Equipment Up to 95%
  • Ensure Better Productions both quantity & quality
  • Long life & better services from Machinery

Smart Power & Technologies is the pioneer of manufacturing Automatic Voltage Stabilizer in Bangladesh. Our brand Automatic Industrial Voltage Stabilizer is designed & manufactured to ensure stable AC Power supply to industries to solve the power fluctuations problem.

“To be the number one in this field in Bangladesh by offering a complete range of product and services both for the local and foreign companies”

“The mission statement of the company is to be the market leader by providing quality products and services, outstanding facilities at a reasonable price through effective and energetic manpower to achieve long term success”.

“To capture 40% of Market share in similar field within two year of business operation.”



  • To provide quality product and services to the customers and ensure steady growth of the company.
  • To maintain qualitative improvement of product and survives.
  • To encourage continuous technical development and employment opportunities.
  • To ensure human resources development to meet the challenges of the time.
  • To be an outstanding company with highly motivated people, excellent teamwork and sprit.

In House Production:
Smart Technology has the unique advantage of in-house manufacturing facilities for the major components e.g. transformers, printed circuit board, quality sheet metal casing & boxes, etc. for the production of power & digital electronics product.

Major Products:

  • Automatic Voltage Stabilizer (Both Relay & Servo)
  • Industrial Voltage Stabilizer (IVS) (Both Air & Oil Cooled)
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) (Off-Line & True On-Line)
  • Instant Power Supply (IPS)
  • Moving Massage Display
  • Nurse Call System
  • Digital Clock
  • Battery Charger
  • Battery
  • CCTV
  • Sub-Station Equipment’s (Distribution Transformer, HT Switchgear, LT Switchgear, PFI Plant, etc.)
  • And all other Electrical & Electronics equipment’s.

Quality Control:
Highly qualified quality control team, all managers, engineers, section in-charge, technicians, production workers are quality conscious and constantly endeavor to produce better products to meet customer’s needs. We have developed a comprehensive quality assurance module at every step of production and quality control to ensure the strict implementation of international standard. We never compromise with the quality because it is the only strength of our products. When we mean quality, it is not merely the quality of products’ it is also the quality of management.