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Smart Power Technology Ltd is an Online UPS seller in Bangladesh. Especially, we are known as one of the Best online UPS sellers in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Undoubtedly, we provide Online UPS to clients as per different requirements. Also, we are a full-service electrical consulting engineering company. As well as, we are the Best Online UPS Seller suppliers in Bangladesh. And, which running considering that 2007. So, the Company has already completed the agreement with the customers. In the same way, for their instant service or, efficiency, innovation. Also, superior great of their products Online UPS using for Computers. Moreover, Network services (Server), paintings station (IT), Wireless telecommunication. Similarly, for Medical diagnostic Lab equipment, Industrial machinery, Printing machinery, CNG station, and so on. Furthermore, Visit our website:

Offices and companies are especially in need of continuous energy for the safety of their touchy facts. Such as heavy machinery of server, computer facts backup. Equally, telecommunication industries required uninterrupted energy to prevent huge commercial business enterprise loss.

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Smart Power Technology Ltd is a Leading Online UPS seller in Bangladesh. Equally, Smart Power Technology Ltd has delivered online UPS of different capabilities. For example, together with 1KVA, 2KVA & 3KVA of online UPS for the market of Bangladesh. We are giving you that reasonable price. Smart Power Technologies is dependable. And the famous site for getting on-line ups in Bangladesh. Since it offers some remarkable UPS producers at very reasonable prices. Along with unfastened shipping and installation. Browse through the emblem catalogs. In this case, take your pick out. Finally, keep away from any hassle of getting your property the high-quality UPS battery online.

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Online UPS in Bangladesh. Online UPS Seller in Bangladesh

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1-1 Series Online UPS (1-3kVA)

Key Features Technical Data Downloads Green Power Input power factor up to 0.996, Low THDi (< 5%), decrease the pollution to city power. Compliance with RoHS standard, innocuous and environmental friendly Design in accordance to International EMC and Safety standard Save Your Money AC/AC efficiency up to 94%, electric bill saved equals to one new UPS in…


1-1 Series Online UPS (6-10kVA)

Key Features Technical Data Downloads High performance and reliability Online double conversion PFC rectifier technology SPWM inverter control technology High input power factor: 0.99 Output power factor: 0.8 /0.9 Wide input voltage range: ± 25% Input frequency range: ±10 % settable Full protection function & Automatic bypass Intelligent communication port ECO&EPO function Advanced communications Configurable communication interface…


1-1 Series Online UPS (6-10kVA)

1-1 Series Online UPS (15-20kVA)


online ups in bangladesh

3-1 Phase series Online UPS (10-50kVA)

3-1-Series Online UPS (10-50kVA)


online ups in bangladesh. Purchase From

3-3 Series Online UPS (10-160kVA)



online ups in bangladesh Riad Rahman

3-3 Series Online UPS (200-600kVA)

3-3 Series  (200-600kVA)

Key Features Technical Data Downloads Reliable Design The output isolation transformer provides high reliability to adapt to different harsh industrial environments and protects the critical loads 100% 3-phase unbalance load adapt to different kinds of complex applications Dual air ducts design offer good cooling to protect the key components and extend the service life Dual power supply redundancy…