SBW-F400kVA to 2500kVA

Automatic Voltage Stabilizer in Bangladesh, Automatic Voltage Regulator in Bangladesh


SBW? SBW-F? DBW single/three phase compensated voltage stabilizer is a contact adjustable automatic voltage compensation high power regulating power device. When voltage from support network is varied due to loading current effected, it automatically regulates the output voltage to ensure the normal function of the varied of electric equipment’s.  This series product compared with other types of voltage regulator , it has large capacity , high efficiency , no waveform distortion , stable voltage regulation and other advantages , it supports widely load applied , stand by the instantaneous overload and continuous long work, manual/auto switch, can provide overvoltage、 lack phase、 phase order and machine faulty automatically protect Conveniently assemble and reliably operating.

This series can be widely used in industry, agriculture, transportation, post and telecommunications, military, railway, scientific, cultural and other fields of printing equipment, metal processing equipment, production lines, engineering equipment, elevators, medical equipment, computer room, computer control equipment, embroidery, textile equipment, air

Conditioning, radio and television, hotel and household appliances lighting need to be regulated.

SBW·SBW-F·DBW series auto voltage regulator should be used in indoor, when normal conditions as follows:
1, the ambient temperature: – 5 ℃ ~ + 45℃ degrees Celsius
2, altitude: not more than 1000 meters
3, relative humidity: 90% or less
4, the installation place should be no impact stabilizer of the insulation gas, steam, chemical deposition, dust, dirt and gas explosion and corrosive substances
5, installation site should be no serious jolt and shock
if not meet the requirements of the special conditions of use, shall be in consultation by using unit and my company.

Technical Data SBW-F400kVA-2500kVA

Technical Specification Of SBW-F400kVA -2500kVA Servo Air Type Automatic industrial Voltage Stabilizer
 Input Voltage range 300Vac ­­—470Vac (400Vac ±20%)
Frequency(Hz) 50Hz — 60Hz
Phase 3 phase, 5 wires(3L+N+G)
Voltage) 415V ac(can be customized)±(1%—5% can be set)
Efficiency 98.5%
Wave form Compared with the input waveformthe addition waveform distortion less than 0.05%.
Over load ability Load 1.5 times of rated power, the last time≥5mins
Degree of unbalance Sampling, compensate and regulate separately.
Response time ≦1s  When the change value of the input voltage<10%
Regulation time When the change value of the input voltage<10%,the regulation time <1.5s
Insulation resistance >5MΩ
Protection Over voltage When the output voltage is 110% of rated voltageit will cut off the output and alarm
Under voltage When the output voltage lower than 90% of rated voltageit will cut off the output and alarm
Over current Circuit breaker will trip off
Other Indication Digital
Indicating A、B、C phase separately

Ambient temperature


Relative humidity(RH) 10%—90%(20℃±5℃)
Altitude ≤3000m
Level of protection IP20
Noise(Db) ≦55dB





By Pass System Yes
Note: it can be customized