Solar Panel

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Solar Panel Specification


Maximum power voltage: 4.0V Maximum Power current 100.0mA Dimension: 70*65*3*2mm


Outline View:

Outline Dimensions’
L 70±0.2mm
W 65±0.2mm
H 3.2±0.3mm

Technical Characteristics
(STC Standard Testing Condition: 1000W/M2 AM1.5,25’C.)

Description of Goods Technical Spec.
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc) 4.6V±8%
Short Circuit Current(Isc 105mA±8%
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp) 4.0V±8%
Maximum Power Current (Imp) 100.0mA±8%
Maximum Poer(Ppm) 0.4W±8%
  • Mechanical Characteristics
    Monocrystalline Silicon solar cells
    Encapsulated: PC film lamination
  • Quality Assurance
    3-year limited, word temperature: -10’C-50’C
  • Notes
    This product could not be contacted directly with strong corrosive substances.
    To be avoid to scratch the surface.
    This product could no be born bending force during transportation & assembling
Date: 2010.11.22
Made by: Hommy

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