What is ONLINE UPS and Why It Is Important for Business?


In a business or factory or office, it needs continuous power supply. Especially, in this modern era, every business is running based on the internet. So, it is undoubtedly said that continuous power supply is compulsory to run the operation. For this kind of situation UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is the best solution to choose. There are two kinds of UPS that can be found in the market: Online UPS and Offline UPS. Which one should you choose and why? Let’s dig into that.

What is a UPS?

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UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply, and its name comes from the fact that it delivers a continuous supply of power with no interruptions. It pulls current from the AC mains in normal operating conditions and from its backup supply when there is a power outage.

How does an Online UPS work?

As a backup source, a UPS system uses DC power stored in the battery. A Rectifier and charge controller circuit in the UPS charges the battery from the AC mains. It also provides electricity to the output AC load at the same time. In the case of a power outage, the UPS uses the battery’s charged DC electricity and transforms it to AC via an inverter before supplying it to the AC load. 

Online UPS in Bangladesh, Online UPS suppliers in Bangladesh, Online UPS Price in BangladeshThe switch between the sources (AC mains and batteries in the case of power outage) is now instantaneous. It does, however, take some time. Some sensitive electronic equipment may be affected by the switching time delay, while other devices may handle it within a certain range.

Where do we use Online UPS?

  • When you need sensitive and crucial devices and equipment to be operated with a constant power supply rather than switching operations
  • When the main power supply fluctuates regularly, or when the load shedding and power outage are slated on a daily basis.
  • When there are no concerns regarding operation, installation, or maintenance costs, because online UPS systems are more expensive than offline UPS systems due to the additional parts in online uninterruptible power supply systems.
  • When you require the steady job of several connected systems for a long period of time.

Online UPS in Bangladesh, Online UPS suppliers in Bangladesh, Online UPS Price in BangladeshMost of the time, Online UPS is used by big server centers, IT structures, Data centers etc. where a millisecond power supply interruption can cause huge losses.

Applications of Online UPS:

  • Computer Network, Data Centres:
    Online UPSs are required for all computers and data centers because even a few milliseconds of power outage is unacceptable and can result in data loss, system damage, or irreversible hard-disk failure. As a result, an on-line UPS must be installed before each installation.
  • NOC (Network Operation Centre):
    Network operation centers, also known as network management centers, are places where network monitoring and control efforts are carried out across a computer hub, satellite network, or telecommunication network. They require reliable power 24 hours a day, seven days a week, because even a single second of downtime might bring the entire system to a halt, resulting in the system’s closure or catastrophic loss.
  • Process industries:
    The online UPS is a critical piece of hardware for process industries. Food to beverages, chemicals to medicines, petroleum to coal, plastic to rubber, textiles to embroidery and knitting machines, medical equipment to digital printing machines, and so on are some of the industries that could be involved. All process industries rely on On-Line UPS since a single equipment failure could result in a massive loss of millions of dollars. A single machine failure would bring the entire chain of processes to a halt. Process companies cannot afford even a single minute of downtime, hence installing an Online UPS is a must for them. Not only would a complete failure result in a large loss, but even a minor fault would.


When you have a plan to buy or install an Online UPS system in your system, you should consider some facts like costing, your essentiality and qualities. Always look for the perfect online UPS supplier and manufacturer to buy.