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No 1 Trusted Best Generator company in Bangladesh

Smart Power LTD is the Best Generator Company in Bangladesh because they can meet all of your power needs better than anyone else. The high-quality generators we sell show how dedicated we are to greatness. They ensure a steady flow of power. Intelligent Power LTD is the Best generator company in Bangladesh because they are great at helping you pick the right generator for your needs. This makes the decision-making process easy. At Smart Power LTD, our professional team does more than just sell generators. We also offer fast repairs, efficient installation services, and regular upkeep. We are proud to be the Best generator company in Bangladesh and offer round-the-clock customer service to make sure our customers are happy. Smart Power LTD is more than just a company that brings power to people; it’s also a trustworthy helper on your way to having power all the time. Best generator company in Bangladesh Smart Power LTD will give you the best experience possible.


The Best Generator Company in Bangladesh. As the best generator company in the country, we’re proud to offer quality and dependability that can’t be beat. We offer a wide range of AVR generators that can be customized to fit your needs because we are dedicated to innovation and quality. Smart Power Ltd is your reliable partner for a steady source of electricity, whether you need it for your home, business, or factory. We can help you find the best things in Bangladesh.

For All Your Generator & We are in the market with satisfying our clients by providing quality products i.e, Online UPS, Elevators, Generators, Air Conditioners etc. Our Fleet consists of world-renowned brands with the utmost technologios Elevator services.

More than 20 years of experience

The Top Generator Company you can rely on

Our company has lunch latest technology-based product for your project and we are ensuring the best service and security. Our best products are:


Smart Power LTD

We are providing all kinds of generators of top-class brands according to your need and budget.

best Voltage Stabilizer

Best Voltage Stabilizer

Smart Power LTD

We are providing all kinds of generators of top-class brands according to your need and budget.

online up

Online UPS

Smart Power LTD

We are providing all kinds of generators of top-class brands according to your need and budget.

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Trusted, reliable and professional services in Bangladesh

Our Service

Smart Power & Technologies is designed to revolutionize the way you interact with technology. We pride ourselves on providing Industrial and In-house manufacturing facilities that seamlessly integrate into your daily life. Whether you’re looking for reliable electronic repairs, or state-of-the-art home automation, our service is committed to exceeding your expectations.

In House Production:

Smart Technology has the unique advantage of in-house manufacturing facilities for the major components e.g. transformers, printed circuit board, quality sheet metal casing & boxes, etc. for the production of power & digital electronics product.

Major Products:

  • Gasoline Generator
  • Diesel Generator
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) (Off -Line & True On -Line)
  • Instant Power Supply (IPS)
  • Voltage Stabilizer
  • Industrial Battery Charger
  • Sealed Lead Acid Battery
  • Substation Equipment
  • And all other Electrical & Electronics Equipment
  • Solar System
  • Low Voltage Spare Parts

Professional, affordable


100% Quality Product

We assuring you height quality products from reliable brands around the world.


Best Price in Bangladesh

Our products are very low price to afford for all kinds of customers with the best quality.


100% Satisfaction

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction & offer a 12-month warranty services.


24/7 Support Services

If something goes wrong, We are available for our customers in 24 hours and 7 days.

Telecom & Infrastructure

IT and Security

Our Products


Gasoline & Diesel Generators

Smart Power LTD

Substation In Bangladesh

Smart Power LTD

Best Voltage Stabilizer In Bangladesh

online ups

Best Online UPS In Bangladesh

Offline UPS in Bangladesh

Offline UPS

Smart Power LTD

Instant Power Supply (IPS)

3 Phase Battery Charger

Industrial Battery Charger

Smart Power LTD

Sealed Lead Acid Battery

access control

Low Voltage Spare Parts


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Our categories and brands

Explore reliable power solutions with Smart Power LTD’s diverse generator categories and renowned brands, ensuring the perfect match for your residential or industrial needs.

Petrol Generator

Smart Power LTD offers efficient and portable petrol generators, providing a convenient power source for various applications with ease of use and mobility.

Diesel Generator

Trust in Smart Power LTD’s robust diesel generators for reliable and durable power solutions, ideal for industrial settings and locations with heavier power demands.

Gasoline Generator

Discover Smart Power LTD’s gasoline generators, combining efficiency and versatility for a wide range of power needs, from home use to outdoor activities.

Inverter Generator

Experience Smart Power LTD’s inverter generators, providing clean and stable power for sensitive electronics with enhanced fuel efficiency and reduced noise levels.

2.5 KW Gasoline Generator
Ricardo- Best price in Bangladesh

Quality Maintain

Quality and Reliability

Smart Power Limited’s success is built on quality and reliability. They are the Best generator company in Bangladesh. Their generators are built to the highest standards in the business and go through many tests to ensure they work in Bangladesh. Customers know they can rely on Smart Power Limited generators when it matters most because the company is dedicated to quality.

Affordable Generator Sales

Elevate your power solutions without straining your budget. Smart Power LTD brings you an array of generators at prices that won’t break the bank. Our commitment to affordability ensures you access reliable generators tailored to your needs, providing cost-effective solutions for both residential and commercial requirements. Power up without compromising your wallet with Smart Power LTD’s affordable generator sales.

Installation Services

Experience excellence in power solutions with Smart Power LTD, your go-to for the best generator installation services. Our skilled technicians ensure a seamless and efficient installation tailored to your needs. As the leading generator installation service company, we prioritize precision and customer satisfaction, providing reliable power solutions for homes and businesses. Trust Smart Power LTD for a hassle-free experience from installation to powering up your space with the best-in-class generator installation services in the industry.

Ricardo- Best price in Bangladesh

Maintenance and Repairs

Smart Power LTD, which is known as the “Best generator company in Bangladesh, can maintain and fix your generator better than anyone else. Our skilled techs will make sure that your generator works at its best by giving it regular care and fixing it quickly when it breaks. As your trusted partner, we work hard to keep your home or business’s power on at all times by reducing downtime. Smart Power LTD is the best company to go to for maintenance and repairs on generators. They do great work in every job they do to meet Bangladesh’s specific power needs.

Our UPS Categories and Brands

Witness reliable power solutions with Smart Power LTD’s diverse UPS categories and renowned brands, ensuring the perfect match for your residential or Office needs.

Online UPS

Smart Power LTD offers Powerful and Online UPS, providing a convenient power source for various applications with ease of use.

Offline UPS

Smart Power & Technologies supply offline UPS in Bangladesh. Purchase quality offline UPS at Best price in Bangladesh.

online up

Our Voltage Stabilizer Categories and Brands

Explore reliable electric solutions with Smart Power LTD’s diverse Voltage Stabilizer categories, ensuring the perfect match for your residential or industrial needs.

Vision Voltage Stabilizer

  • Brand: Vision
  • Type: Digital Voltage Stabilizer
  • Micro-controller based design
  • Wide Input Voltage: 120-270VAC (for DVS-02-15.5 CFT and DVS-03-21.5 CFT) and 80-300VAC (for DVS-01-15.5 CFT and DVS-01-21.5 CFT)
  • Item codes: 873199 (for DVS-02-15.5 CFT), 873200 (for DVS-03-21.5 CFT), 873144 (for DVS-01-15.5 CFT), and 873145 (for DVS-01-21.5 CFT)

Galaxy Automatic Voltage Regulator ACD-650VA

  • Brand: Galaxy
  • input voltage: 150V-250V
  • Output voltage: 220V +/-3%
  • Protection: Over & Under Voltage
  • Capacity: 650VA
  • Display: Analog Display
  • Temperature Protection: Temperature Protection Option
  • Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  • Noise level: ≤50dB

Astha Ideal Voltage Stabilizer

  • Brand: Astha
  • Display Type: Analog or LED/LCD Display
  • Input Voltage Range: 110 V ~ 300w Voltage
  • Output Voltage Range: 220V ±4% Voltage
  • Capacity: 650VA, 1000VA, 2000VA
  • Circuit Breaker: 15A, 240 VAC
  • Overload Capacity: 100% for 15 Sec.
  • Accuracy: 2% ~ 7%
  • Efficiency: 80% (Full load)
  • Features: High voltage protection, Short Circuit Protection, High Stability, Low Voltage Protection, High-Low Voltage cut, Overload Protection, Delay Timer with auto rest, fuse fail indicator, bypass system, etc.

About Us

Welcome to
Smart Power & Technologies Ltd

Smart Power & Technologies   Is the pioneer of manufacturing Automatic Voltage Stabilizer, UPS ,IPS, Distribution Transformer, Substation Equipment’s in Bangladesh Our brand is designed & manufactured to ensure stable AC Power supply to industries to solve the power fluctuations problem.

Smart Power LTD


“To be the number one in this field in Bangladesh by offering a complete range of product and services both for the local and foreign companies


“The mission statement of the company is to be the market leader by providing quality products and services, outstanding facilities at a reasonable price through effective and energetic manpower to achieve long term success”.


“To capture 40% of Market share in similar field within two year of business operation.

Objectives: The objectives of the company are-

  • To provide quality product and services to the customers and ensure steady growth of the company.
  • To maintain qualitative improvement of product and survives.
  • To encourage continuous technical development and employment opportunities.
  • To ensure human resources development to meet the challenges of the time.
  • To be an outstanding company with highly motivated people, excellent teamwork and sprit.
Substation Price in Bangladesh

#1 Elevator & Generator Company

Why Choose For Us

Best Generator Company in Bangladesh Smart Power LTD can help you improve your power options. Our dedication to excellence is clear in everything we do, from our top-notch goods to our unbeatable services. If you choose us for your power needs, you’ll get dependability, knowledge, and solutions that don’t break the bank. Our goal as the Best generator company in Bangladesh is to help you choose the best generator, install it without any problems, and make sure it runs smoothly for years to come. You can trust Smart Power LTD not only for power, but also for a relationship that will work hard to make you happy. When you pick Smart Power LTD, you pick the Best generator company in Bangladesh for a power source that you can count on.


Flexibility is the key to our offerings and intrinsic to this flexibility, is the spirit of Innovation that we bring to our products and services – from the very stage of design to implementation and full range of customer support.

Our Experience

Telecom Roll-out – 3G/4G-LTE GSM Network installation for MPT, Telenor and MyTel (as 3rd party resource), Using Huawei, Ericsson and ZTE Equipment’s. MW Transmission Link – Huawei, NEC, SIAE,

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Tools and Equipment’s

Frequently Asked Questions

SPT is committed to fulfill customer requirement in targeted time frame with professional resources and stable strength.

SPT is 100% Bangladeshi Company for Automatic Voltage Stabilizer, UPS ,IPS, Distribution Transformer, Substation Equipment’s.

SPT is an equal opportunities employer, it has 20% foreign skilled and 80% semi /un-skilled local resources that are trained during their job along with vendor/customer specific requirement where it is necessary.

Our Clients

Telenor Myanmar Ltd, Telecom International Myanmar Ltd ( Mytel ) Robi/Airtel, Banglalink, Teletalk Bangladesh, Banglalion Wimax, Ollo, Qubee Huawei, Ericsson, NSN


Smart Power LTD