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SBW (F400kVA-2500kVA)

Technologies sells genuine SBW Stabilizer. SBW Stabilizer is a Servo Voltage Regulator with three phases of input and output. The power output ranges from 100 kVA to 2500 kVA. Suitable for industrial, commercial, and residential loads. For a price list of AVR in Bangladesh, please contact us. Wholesale price list for 100 kVA Stabilizer, 150 kVA SBW AVR, 200 kVA, 300 kVA, 400 kVA, 500 kVA, 600 kVA, 800 kVA, 1000 kVA, 1250 kVA Voltage Stabilizer in Bangladesh

  • Tolerant to high input voltage.
  • Product of commercial quality.
  • Input frequency tolerance ranges from 35 to 70 Hz.
  • Excellent efficiency of up to 98 percent.
  • Compatibility with generators.
  • Material that is environmentally friendly and can be recycled properly.
  • Manufacturing that is efficient.
  • Controlled entirely by servo motors.
  • Protection against voltage upper/lower cuts.
  • Surge Protection Device (SPD).
  • Industrial use requires a tough design and heavy-duty construction.
  • Digitize meters
Technical Specification Of SBW-F400kVA -2500kVA Servo Air Type Automatic industrial Voltage Stabilizer
 InputVoltage range300Vac ­­—470Vac (400Vac ±20%) 
Frequency(Hz)50Hz — 60Hz 
Phase3 phase, 5 wires(3L+N+G) 
Voltage)415V ac(can be customized)±(1%—5% can be set) 
Wave formCompared with the input waveformthe addition waveform distortion less than 0.05%. 
Over load abilityLoad 1.5 times of rated power, the last time≥5mins 
Degree of unbalanceSampling, compensate and regulate separately. 
Response time≦1s  When the change value of the input voltage<10% 
Regulation timeWhen the change value of the input voltage<10%,the regulation time <1.5s 
Insulation resistance>5MΩ 
ProtectionOver voltageWhen the output voltage is 110% of rated voltageit will cut off the output and alarm 
Under voltageWhen the output voltage lower than 90% of rated voltageit will cut off the output and alarm 
Over currentCircuit breaker will trip off 
Indicating A、B、C phase separately 
Ambient temperature



Relative humidity(RH)10%—90%(20℃±5℃) 
Level of protectionIP20 





By Pass SystemYes 
Note: it can be customized