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Best Online UPS in Bangladesh – Available Product Lists

1-1-series online ups in Bangladesh

1-1 Series Online UPS (1-3kVA)

  • Input power factor up to 0.996, Low THDi (< 5%), decrease the pollution to city power.
  • Compliance with RoHS standard, innocuous and environmental friendly
  • AC/AC efficiency up to 94%, electric bill saved equals to one new UPS in 2 years
  • Output voltage 208/220/230/240Vac, 50/60Hz, ECO mode all can be settable on site

1-1 Series Online UPS (6-10kVA)

  • High input power factor: 0.99, Output power factor: 0.8 /0.9
  • Wide input voltage range: ± 25%; Input frequency range: ±10 % settable
  • Full protection function & Automatic bypass. Intelligent communication port
  • No-master-slave, Self-adaptive parallel technology

1-1 series Online UPS (15-20kVA)

  • Wide input voltage range (110 V ~ 300 Vac) and frequency range (40 ~ 70 Hz)
  • Quick and stable charging, 90% capacity restored in 3 h (standard model UPS)
  • Multi-platform communications: RS232 (standard), USB / RS485 / SNMP / dry contacts
  • Active power factor correction (APFC), input power factor up to 0.99

3-1 series Online UPS (10-50kVA)

  • Wide input voltage range, 50 / 60 Hz frequency auto sensing
  • Output power factor improved from 0.9 to 1, load capacity increased by 13%
  • Two modes of frequency conversion: 50 Hz input / 60 Hz output; 60 Hz input / 50 Hz output
  • LCD+LED display, multi-functional keys operation, friendly human-machine interface

3-3 series Online UPS (10-160kVA)

  • 100% 3-phase unbalance load adapt to different kinds of complex applications
  • High output PF=0.9 meet with high requirements of applications
  • 10-30kVA models with wheels enable easy movement
  • 10,000 history records reduces fault analysis and maintenance time

3-3 Series OnlineUPS(120-600kVA)

  • Wide input voltage range provides high adaptability to the grid and extend battery life
  • Bus synchronization control function provides reliable high power for the dual bus application
  • Intelligent SNMP achieves local monitoring and remote monitor
  • Hot-swappable fans design achieves on-line maintenance

What is an Online UPS?

In normal operation, the Online UPS sends power to the AC load through the Rectifier and Inverter Combo, and during a power outage, it employs an inverter to supply AC power. As a result, the output power supply is always on and no switching is required. As a result, switching between its sources takes no time. Even if the power goes out for a moment, there is no disruption. If you want to know more about Online UPS and its functionalities, please check the blog.

SPT provides the Best Online UPS

Smart Power and Technologies Ltd. is a solutions-oriented engineering firm that helps customers with their power demands. To achieve this goal, we use cutting-edge technology, engineering expertise, and technical assistance to ensure total client satisfaction.

Smart Power and Technologies is a leading manufacturer and provider of award-winning AC voltage regulators, and other electrical equipment for both commercial and residential purposes. Smart Power and Technologies have been the best online ups supplier in Bangladesh since 2007. Smart’s Online UPSs have set technological benchmarks for quality, dependability, and performance time and time again. We provide a low-cost, high-quality Online UPS service.

How to choose the best online ups in Bangladesh?

While choosing the best online UPS supplier, you need to check their reputation in social media, their presence in local business directory, their client testimonial and their product specifications.

What kind of Online UPS in Bangladesh are available at your site?

We have 1-1, 3-1, 3-3 series Online UPS available at our site. Get your quote for 1kva, 3kva online ups price in Bangladesh.