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Quasi Sine Wave Home UPS/IPS

Combo UPS+

UTL’S COMBO UPS is powered by microcontroller digital technology. It was possible through only this technology that all the appliances including Tube lights, Fans & Computer can run altogether which eliminates the need of two equipments for similar applications, at your home or office. So, it is an Inverter built in a UPS.

  • Micro digital technology
  • Maintains battery health
  • Any battery option
  • Auto overloads resetting
  • Best regulated output-
  • Micro digital technology


Get the freedom to run all your appliances at the same time with the UTL’s Combo UPS. Powered by a microcontroller underneath its hood, it gives you the freedom to use the same UPS in order to run all the different appliances you own. Thus eliminating the need to buy and maintain two back-up systems to run your PC and fans at the same time. UTL’s Combo UPS is the complete solution to all your stored energy needs whether it’s your office or your home, you always get complete peace of mind


The Combo UPS provides the battery installed to it with a constant boost charging current until its voltage reaches 14.2V and the float current then maintains this voltage above 13V. Thus reducing the float current to zero, ultimately resulting in much enhanced battery life keeping it fully charged simultaneously.


The Combo UPS from the house of UTL has the intelligent feature to recognize the type of battery connected to it. May it be an ordinary battery or a branded one, a tubular battery or a sealed one. No matter what the type, it auto adjusts the battery’s charging characteristics accordingly. Even those batteries which cease to go over 13.5V after a while of use work flawlessly with UTL’s Combo UPS. While the UPSs from other brands overcharge such batteries. UTL’s Combo UPS on the other hand declares them fully charged at 13.5 volts, thus preventing them from being overcharged. With an option for battery equalization the Combo UPS from UTL is a complete package. So, go ahead and install any battery you like.


UTL’s Combo UPS has the ability to sense the level of load attached to it. When subjected to excessive load the UPS enters a stand-by mode in which it keeps on beeping and sensing the load and then turns itself back ON when it finds the load to be in its specified level of operation, dismissing the need of manual resetting. If the load is not reduced, the UPS then after 7 attempts to turn itself back ON undergoes shutdown


Get the best regulated output voltage and frequency from no load to full load under all conditions of the battery with UTL’s Combo UPS. A crystal controlled accurate 50Hz supply ensures the hassle free working of your appliances.

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Model NoC-400C-600C-800C-1000C-1500
DC System voltage12V12V12V12V24V
Input voltage WaveformSinusoidal
Input supply Phase1 phase 3 wires
Nominal Input Voltage230Vac
Low Cut voltage170Vac ± 10Vac (Narrow/UPS)100Vac ± 10Vac (Wide/Inverter)
Low Cut recover voltage180Vac ± 10Vac (Narrow/UPS)110Vac ± 10Vac (Wide/Inverter)
High Cut Voltage260Vac ± 10Vac (Narrow/UPS)290Vac ± 10Vac (Wide/Inverter)
High Cut recover voltage250Vac ± 10Vac (Narrow/UPS)270Vac ± 10Vac (Wide/Inverter)
Max Ac input Voltage290Vac
Nominal input frequency50Hz
Output short circuit protectionYes
Inverter Mode
Power FactorUnity
Nominal Output Voltage240Vac
Output Voltage waveformQuasi/Square wave
Output Frequency on Battery50Hz ± 3 Hz
Typical Efficiency≥ 80 %
Overload Capacity( In wide / Inverter Mode )≥ 110 %  7th times auto reset, 8th times shut down≥ 150% Output Goes down
Overload Capacity ( In Narrow / UPS Mode )≥ 100 % System shutdown in 1st time
LED Indication#Mains On  #Battery Low #Battery Charging #Overload #Mains High #Battery On, #Wide Range #Narrow Range
Safety Protection
Overload on MainsAC Fuse
Overload on BatteryShutdown after 7th automatic restart (Wide/inverter mood)Shutdown without restart when Narrow/UPS mode
Reverse Battery PolarityFuse on Real panel
Low battery voltageAutomatic Shutdown
Others Protection circuitryOutput short-circuits  protection
Others specification
Battery TypeLead acid/ Sealed Maintenance free/ Tubular type
Audible alarmAlarm when On battery,
Operating Temperature0 °C-40°C
Protection ClassIP 20