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High Tension Switchgear (LBS)

This device is used to protect low and medium-voltage systems. It is commonly used in 11kV systems. For 630A, a load break switch (LBS) mechanism is offered, and an overcurrent protection strategy is implemented using an HRC fuse. The panel has three CT (current transformers) and three PT (potential transformers) for detecting system current and voltage. The HRC fuse protects against overload and short circuits. The panel also has three-ampere meters and one voltmeter with a selection switch.


High Tension Switchgear (LBS)

The panel dimension is 900 mm x 1000 mm x 1800 mm and weighs about 450 kg. The construction is metal clad and employs high grade steel of suitable thickness to provide safety and security.

Key feature

  • Long-term, trouble-free operation.
  • The whole structure is made of metal.
  • Isolation on the horizontal plane
  • Extremely High Operational Reliability.
  • Inspection and maintenance are simple.
  • High thermal and dynamic strength.
  • Arc-chutes for Special Bottles
  • Currently, there are no apparent arcs in the interruption.
  • A straightforward driving mechanism.

[We, Smart Power & Technologies, develop and provide HT Load Break Switches with voltage ratings ranging from 3.3kV to 36kV and amp ratings ranging from 630 to 800. Our 11kV LBS switchgear panels are small enough to fit into any industrial space. Load break switches are available in both indoor and outdoor configurations for a wide variety of uses.

Technical Specification11kV Series Load Break Switchgear Panels
Rated Voltage12 KV12 KV24 KV
Rated Frequency50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz
Rated Current630 A1250 A630 A
Rated Peak Current62.5 KA62.5 KA62.5 KA
Rated Short time current / 1 sec.26.3 KA (3 sec)26.3 KA (3 sec)26.3 KA (3 sec)
Rated Making Current62.5 KA62.5 KA62.5 KA
Rated Breaking Current630 A800 A630 A
Impulse Voltage, Wave Shape 1.2/50 MS 
i) To Earth75 KV75 KV125 KV
ii) Between Poles75 KV75 KV125 KV
iii) Between Open Contacts85 KV85 KV145 KV
Power Frequency Test Voltage 
iv) To Earth28 KV28 KV55 KV
v) Between Poles28 KV28 KV55 KV
vi) Between Open Contacts35 KV35 KV70 KV
Breaking of Capacitance Load50 A50 A25 A
Closed Loop Breaking Current COS ф = 0.31 ND630 A800 A630 A
Rated Transformer Off Load Breaking Capacity120 A120 A120 A
Rated Line Charging Breaking Capacity90 A90 A90 A
Rated Cable Charging Breaking Capacity90 A90 A90 A
Dimensions (Ref. Drg. Enclosed) 
i) Between Poles (Centers) mm150-210150-210175-250
ii) Between Open Contacts mm140140235
iii) Between live parts and earth mm130130210
Making Time 35 M. Sec 
Arc Duration 5-20 M. Sec