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It security and Cyber Security

Mobile App. Solution/ Development
We have a team of programmers working abroad for Development of various Mobile Apps for both Android and
IOS, some are free licensed and others are on customers demand.

VAS Solution
We have ready platform for Value added services for Caller Tune, Ring Back Tone, Audio download, bulk
messaging/ broadcast, SMS – push – pull services, Application based services, Video Streaming Services and

SAS/ EMS Solution
SAS based ERP solution for Accounting, HR Management, Logistics, warehouse/inventory management, POS,
Project Management, Job Tracking and more.
E-commerce/ web development services
A dedicated team available on demand for designing your e-commerce site with data management like a fullfunctional online store.

M-wallet/ Mobile Money Service Solution
Project under development for M-wallet/ mobile money service and integrating multiple M-wallet services.
Remote Security and Safety Services (anti-theft)
Solution and service for monitoring and access control of your asset/ property remotely including alert on intrusion
or access violation.